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    We can provide design, production, sales and installation of modern intelligent fire smoke exhaust windows, ventilation windows and shading systems. If you are looking for different things, please contact us.

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    • Intelligent window opening, choose Bopan, lead a smart life

      Hangzhou Bopan Smart System Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, production, sales and installation of modern intelligent fire smoke exhaust windows, ventilation windows and sunshade systems.

      Welcome to Bopan, the fastest growing electric and manual window ventilation specialist. If you are looking for a customized solution for your ventilation problem, we can help you.

      You can browse and download our product brochures and electric window openers online... Click here to download the product brochure

      At BoPan, we are committed to providing our customers with superior ventilation solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a sunroof that is difficult to open or a traditional window opener that opens for your greenhouse, we can help you.

    • We can provide you with the following:

      Chain type electric window opener
      Push-shaft electric window opener
      Hand chain window opener
      Intelligent system
      Intelligent control system components
      Aluminum alloy flat shutters
      Glass shutters
      Commercial application
      Domestic application
      Accessories and repair window service

      We have a complete set of experience in a range of manual window openers, electric window drives, window inserts and ventilation and ventilation solutions for home and business use. If you want to discuss your needs with a consultant, we will help you anytime.

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    Smart window opener

    We provide a variety of industries, including schools, hospital libraries, and leisure centers. If you work in the public sector, proper ventilation is important and we can meet your personal needs.

    Our product manuals and electric window openers are ideal for use at home, especially when the windows are difficult to open. Our window openers use brand new technology, including wind and rain sensors, when your windows are closed, you will need them.

    Call our consultant to help you find the right product to meet your requirements. We also stock a wide range of safety accessories, such as automatic smoke detectors for smoke ventilation.

    Contact us to provide an excellent ventilation plan

    We are passionate about customer service and promise to keep prices low. Ensure that you have efficient ventilation in your home or workplace. You can contact the window opener manufacturer by phone to buy our imported window opener.