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We can provide design, production, sales and installation of modern intelligent fire smoke exhaust windows, ventilation windows and shading systems. If you are looking for different things, please contact us.

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Company Culture

Bopan is a place full of love. Every employee is regarded as a family member. It is fair and fair to give every family the same training and learning opportunities, so that every family can make rapid progress. Let everyone learn together, grow together and share. . In order to work as a home, the employees have been working in Bopan for more than ten years, and dedicated youth to Bopan. Of course, Bopan pays more attention to the vision of employees and the quality of life. Every year, they go out to travel with their employees, explore the world together, share their lives, and have a wonderful life together. On the road of life, love is on the left, sharing on the right, walking on both sides of life, sowing seeds at any time, arranging flowers at any time, Puwei’s family, on the contrary, support and encourage each other, in the way of human growth, dotted with flowers, for the splendid history The brilliant future of the history will work together!




Enterprise Culture - BOPAN is a place full of love. We take each personnel as our family people. We fairly offer each personnel the same chance to learn and to be trained so that each of them could improve himself rapidly. We learn together, we grow together and we share together. Our personnel also take BOPAN as their family people. Most of them have been working here more than 10 years, and have been devoting their beautiful youth to our BOPAN Company. Furthermore, we pay more attention to broaden our personnel's perspectives and improve their life quality - we travel with them every year. We explore the world together, we share our life together and we make our lives more splendid together. In our life journey, love is on the left, sharing is on the right. Walking on both sides of life, we sow the seeds anywhere and anytime, and it may bloom at any moment too. In the long-long life journey, with love flowers filled in the air, BOPAN people support each other, encourage each other, and fight together for a more resplendent future of all our BOPAN people.