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Three functions of intelligent window opener

Compared with electric roller blinds and electric cloth curtains, the intelligent window opener not only has the function of shading, but also can flexibly adjust the light by reversing the blades, which is a function that other types of curtains do not have.

General knowledge of intelligent window opener

The intelligent window opener is a device for operating the window sill. The switch is connected to the executive part to open the mechanical window. The intelligent window opener also has rack type window opener and chain type window opener. However, in view of the stability and service life requir

You need to know about this intelligent window opener!

With the progress of the times and the development of science, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the demand for a safe, comfortable and healthy life is also increasing. In recent years, the concept of smart home has gradually penetrated into people's life and continuously affec

Hidden window opener intelligent switch

1. Hidden window opener equipment composition: hidden window motor + hidden fixed motor + intelligent control switch + accessories. 2. Functions that can be realized by the hidden window opener: the motor is small, can adapt to wide profiles, and can reach more than 65 kinds of standard European pro

Work requirements before inspection of fire electric device

If it can work normally after configuring the system, the manufacturer shall check the products and parts according to the following requirements before inspection, and check after power on and normal performance of all functions (20 consecutive times). After arriving at the inspection mechanism, it

The fire-fighting electric window opener should keep its performance and appearance

Doors and windows need very good air tightness, so if you want to buy a suitable door and window, you need to understand it comprehensively. The fire-fighting electric window opener has strong sealing performance and good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. Such high-quality doors a

Problems that can be solved by using electric window opener

In today's society, the concepts of smart building and smart home have been accepted by more and more people. For example, can your Windows close automatically due to wind and rain? If a suspicious person approaches you, will you close the window and lock it? Yes, because this is an electric window

What is a window opener? How to choose Hangzhou Zhejiang window opener?

The machine for opening and closing windows is called "window opener" or "window opener". Although it is called "window opener" abroad, it is almost called "window opener" in Japan. At present, it is a high-tech product of domestic construction industry, and "intelligent window opener" is the latest

How to select imported electric window opener?

Imported electric window opener can automatically open and close windows. It is widely used in large gymnasiums, waiting rooms, department stores, hotels, hospitals, public entertainment facilities, factories, natural smoke exhaust windows and smoke outlet windows, which are usually associated with

How do you reasonably choose the electric window opener?

In the era of rapid growth, electric window openers can make our life more convenient and efficient, but there are many types of electric window openers, and each electric window opener has a wide range of functions and applications. I'd like to give you a brief introduction on how to correctly and

What are the hazards of improper design of curtain wall electric window opener

The aluminum alloy material used for the opening window, according to the curtain wall industry standard process and structural safety requirements, a complete set of opening window frame and window sash should be assembled into an integrated unit structure in the factory by corner code. When checki

Flexible use of electric window opener

Air conditioning cabinets are often installed in the living room at home. How to make air conditioning become a part of indoor harmony is a practical question that many people will encounter in decoration. This practice is to make a niche for the air conditioner, install shutters outside, open the s

Consider the smoke exhaust design of buildings

Large scale fire cases have proved that smoke is the main cause of fire, and more than 80% of victims are killed directly or indirectly by smoke. Scientific and reasonable design of window opener control is very important to delay the spread of fire and ensure safe evacuation time. In the past few d

There are so many window openers. How should I choose?

We will teach you new knowledge - let's quickly learn about the window opener to choose in different windows!

The window opener manufacturer will take you to choose the electric or manual window opener

With the progress of the times and the development of science, people's living standards are constantly improving, and people's demand for safe, comfortable and healthy life is also increasing. In recent years, the concept of smart home has penetrated into people's life and affected people's thinkin

Details of window opener installation steps

What is a window opener? As the name suggests, it is a device for opening windows. Now the floors of our houses are getting higher and higher. In dozens or hundreds of floors in many big cities, you can usually use the window opener to open the windows. We open the windows. If the windows are too hi

General functions of inlet fire smoke exhaust window

In case of fire, smoke will be emitted from the smoke exhaust window of fire control, which reduces the damage to human body. Therefore, the smoke exhaust window of fire control is generally installed in high-rise buildings and designed according to the ventilation structure inside the building. Whe




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