If you don't leave in 2020, we will continue in 2021!

2020-12-31 22


See you in 2020! 2021 be kind to time and yourself.

See you in 2020,

Hello 2021.

Bopan people

Do not waver, do not be lazy, do not shrink back!

Pay for love, fight for dreams,

Work hard for happiness and live for yourself.

May all sweat be harvested,

All our efforts have been lived up to.


Time is the best filter,

Those who stay are the people who adapt to each other,

Only treasure can last long.

Whether love, friendship or family,

If you don't operate, you will be like a stranger.

Thank you for all the encounters!

In this changeable age, do and cherish!

No more friends, just be sincere;

No matter how long you feel, just use your heart!

Thanks to the new and old customers and friends who never abandon Bopan,

If you don't leave in 2020, we will continue in 2021!


Bopan intelligent window opener

Adhering to a quality heart and innovation

Deep cultivation of intelligent door and window Market

At the forefront of the industry

To more and more consumers

Deliver more high-quality window opener products!!!

Bo pan, we've been trying