Installation method and steps of electric window opener

2021-07-22 401

The electric window opener plays a very small role in modern work and life. For example, for those lower windows, if the electric window opener is installed, the remote control of the device can be realized through the smart terminal of the mobile phone, and can form a wireless sensor control network with all other Internet of things devices in the family. It is forced to say that intelligent window opening makes our life more convenient, fast and efficient.

Electric window opener is a system that uses electric equipment to drive various windows up and down the building for manual opening and closing. It can be divided into chain window opener and screw window opener according to its mechanical driving mode. According to the types of electric window openers, the installation methods are also different. The important installation methods of electric window opener include: horizontal installation (facade window), vertical installation (external casement window) and elevation installation (using inclined roof skylight).

The above editor will introduce its installation methods and steps:

1. After installation, first understand the window type and opening mode of the electric window opener to be installed. For example, the rack window opener and push shaft window opener are usually selected for the skylight, and the chain electric window opener is also usually selected for the facade window.

2. After understanding the window type and opening mode and selecting the corresponding window opener, it is also necessary to check that the voltage of the electric window opener is AC (220VAC) and still DC (24VDC), so as to avoid burning when debugging the window opener.

3. Prepare installation tools, such as electric drill, screwdriver and so on.

4. According to the dimensions shown on the installation manual of the window opener, use a ruler and pen to accurately mark the screw hole position of the specific installation support of the window frame of the window opener and the installation code of the window sash. At this time, punch these drawn points with an electric drill and install the window sash installation code of the window opener.

5. Connect the chain of the window opener with the mounting code on the window sash through the bolt. At this time, the window frame mounting bracket of the electric window opener can be accurately screwed.

6. After the electric window opener is installed, connect the power supply for commissioning. During commissioning, it is important to see whether the window opener is firmly installed, whether the window sash can be tightly closed and locked, whether the chain will touch the window frame, whether the chain stretches out as a straight line, etc.

If the above operation is followed, the electric window can be opened and closed flexibly, and the installation of the electric window opener is qualified, the installation of the chain electric window opener is completed.

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