In addition to the design flexibility requirements, the decoration flexibility shall also be conside

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Electric chain window opener is an essential item in large buildings. Electric chain window opener for sliding window: select sliding arm type or sliding type electric window. This method is suitable for straight travel. When the window is closed, the window sash has good sealing. The external machine lock (style: dial) point of the electric chain window opener can be used with the chain type or lever type open table to lock and unlock the window. Suitable for locking / unlocking large windows. The multi-point lock driver table can be used in combination with chain or lever open table, and the window can be locked from counterclockwise to clockwise. It mainly meets the needs of basic desk functions for opening and closing intelligent windows. However, for more and more customers, such as buildings, super large houses and luxury buildings, the electric chain window opener can not only open and close the windows, but also play a decorative role, making the whole building a reality. Need to be in harmony with the typical style.


There are many products in the electric chain window opener market. For example, crank arm, electric chain, window opener, manual window sill, push rod window sill, etc. Electric chain window opener for skylight: it is conducive to toothed or padded electric window opener. This method is mainly the most suitable and can withstand vertical force and bending. Impossible. It is very resistant to wind and rain, and the thrust is usually very large. Window opener has become a new technical product of domestic construction industry. "Intelligent electric window" is the latest development of modern window industry. Self opening desk hanging / under / window: select single chain type, double chain type, rack and placement type, select chain type according to appearance requirements, and the competent department will decide whether the product is qualified. One is the noise reduction ratio, the other is whether the line is safe. These two indicators are the most basic requirements, and the electric chain window opener products meet the most basic requirements of the factory. In fact, customers have a lot of needs for appearance, shape and design elements. In order to open windows with strong style, the processing of heavy materials and details is very heavy, and there are certain differences in the price of products.

In addition to brand factors, another more important reason for the high price of electronic switches produced by brand companies is the material and technology of the products themselves. Electric chain window opener for sliding window: select sliding arm type or sliding type electric window (window opener). This method is suitable for straight travel, window closing and good sealing of window sash. The machine for opening and closing windows is called "window opener" or "window opener", which is usually called "window opener" in foreign countries and "window opener" in Japan. The table opening the window can be equipped with sensor equipment according to the use requirements, such as remote control, smoke control, temperature control, risk control and rainwater control. It is widely used in the lobby of passenger terminal building to open and close skylights hanging above and inside industrial plants and private buildings, as well as other similar types of lighting windows. Appropriate. The window opening table is compact, large in appearance, low in noise (DB), highly rigid and easy to install. According to the use requirements, it can be equipped with remote control, temperature, risk control, rainfall control and sensor equipment. This is because it is usually an electric chain window opener, which is mainly suitable for various types of upper and lower windows.

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