General functions of inlet fire smoke exhaust window

2021-07-23 432

In case of fire, smoke will be emitted from the smoke exhaust window of fire control, which reduces the damage to human body. Therefore, the smoke exhaust window of fire control is generally installed in high-rise buildings and designed according to the ventilation structure inside the building. When the room reaches the natural smoke exhaust state, there is no need to install the smoke exhaust system, and the fire smoke exhaust windows are mainly installed in the underground parking lot, hotel, shopping area, office building, etc. What is the most common function of imported fire smoke exhaust window? Let's take a closer look.

In case of fire, the fire smoke exhaust window will be activated, and the intelligent control box will receive the fire signal of the building and send the signal to the window opener. When it receives the fire signal, it will automatically open the smoke window to achieve the effect of ventilation and exhaust. In case of power failure due to fire, you can directly press the emergency button switch to press the alarm button, that is, after the fire control box receives the emergency button alarm, the smoke exhaust window of fire control will also open.


In order to use the fire smoke exhaust window, it is necessary to provide 220 V fire power to the fire control box to achieve the effect of smoke exhaust. In the process of daily ventilation, the imported fire smoke exhaust window is connected with a manual switch and an intelligent control box. These parts can be managed or centrally managed to meet the daily ventilation requirements, and the opening angle can be controlled arbitrarily according to the needs.

The inlet fire smoke exhaust window must be installed on the roof or external wall of the building. When installed on the external wall, the height of the bottom of the natural smoke exhaust outlet must be 12 lower than the net height of the room, and devices easy to open are required. Most fire smoke exhaust windows are installed in multi-storey or high-rise shopping areas, and are installed according to the situation, and conventional products are selected to ensure the quality.