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Company Profile


    Securistyle Hardware is engaged in R&D of construction hardware , system cooperation, engineering projectmanagement and design of energy-saving solutions. As a brand of   Securistyle Hardware's first-line window-opener in China, Bopen can meet the different needs of different projects with an international professional design team and high-standard product performance requirements depending on advanced technology and product resource advantages of  Securistyle Hardware. Bopen is currently the main brand of  Securistyle Hardware,automaticfire-fighting exhaust window opening system, which has superior technology, brand and resource advantages.

     Bopen products and services are widely applied in high-end villas, industrial and commercial areas such as airports,stations, hotels, Grade A office buildings, exhibition centers, convention centers, gymnasiums grand theaters, science andtechnology museums, large-scale factories, logistics warehouses and other public places and personal places and relatedarea, to provide the best fire smoke control and exhaust ventilation system equipment.

      The integration services provided by Bopen include: system design, equipment selection, production customization,supply and delivery,system function debugging and after-sales maintenance.Bopen is not limited to providing qualityservices to customers through local agents. We also provide feasibility advice and rapid services directly to contractors orend-users. We can assist various architectural design institutes and engineering consulting companies in the design phase.Bopan's practical experience in engineering over the years can provide various product consultations and related technical instructions.

18 national compulsory 3C certification for fire protection products

EU CE certification

ISO9001 quality system certification

ISO14001 environmental management system certification

Drafting unit of Zhejiang engineering construction standard (db33 / 1064-2017)

Qualification Certificate