Company Culture



Bopan is a place full of love. It regards each employee as his family, adheres to justice and fairness, and gives each family the same training and learning opportunities, so that each family can make rapid progress and learn, grow and share together. Most employees have worked in Bopan for more than ten years and dedicated their best youth to Bopan. Of course, Bopan pays more attention to the development of employees' vision and quality of life. Every year, Bopan will travel with employees to explore the world, share life and wonderful life together. On the road of life, love is on the left, sharing is on the right, walking on both sides of life, sowing seeds and blooming flowers at any time. Puwei's family, on the contrary, support and encourage each other. In the long journey of life, they are dotted with flowers and struggle together for the brilliant future of history!