Social Responsibility


Puwei people sow with love and work hard. Along the way, we] pay more attention to corporate spirit and social responsibility. For so many years, we have paid silently for gengqingsi primary school in dege County, Ganzi Autonomous Region, Sichuan Province, Wenzhou Yongjia Lingtou middle school, Chun'an qiuyuanwan primary school, ye Jia primary school in Weiping Town, Chun'an, wangcunkou primary school in wangcunkou Town, Suichang The children of Gaoping primary school in Gaoping Township, Suichang have contributed our meager strength and helped the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake and 7.18 Hainan weimasson Typhoon... All these may be insignificant, but we have been insisting and working hard. Learn to share and share!, Enjoy life. Be a real Puwei people, but also be a decent Chinese.