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We can provide design, production, sales and installation of modern intelligent fire smoke exhaust windows, ventilation windows and shading systems. If you are looking for different things, please contact us.

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Fire emergency button

Product Details

product features:
Switch material: new PC material flame retardant material;
Wiring port: NO normally open, NC normally closed, COM common port;
Control method: crush glass closing switch / open switch
Rated current: 300 (mA);
Rated voltage: AC 250V/DC 38V;
Suitable for the base: GB universal size 86*86
High temperature and impact resistance
500,000 aging tests
Broken switch has strong stability and glass can be changed
The surface is made of PC fire retardant material

Product parameters:
Working voltage: DC24V/AC220V
Contact resistance: ≤0.1ohm
Maximum current: 5A
Indicator current: <5mA (DC24V)
Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C
Product weight: about 0.14KG

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