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Smart camera

Product Details

Model IPC6.0
Pixel 2 million (dpi)
Type wireless camera
Style card machine
Image sensor million HD
Horizontal definition 1080P (TVL)
Minimum illumination 0.01 (Lux)
Resolution 1280
Lens 3.6 (mm)
Signal to noise ratio > 48 (db)
Working temperature -35~60(°C)(°C)
Backlight compensation
Size 1/4 (inch)
Power supply voltage 5 (V)
Electronic shutter 1/50-1/100000 seconds
Weight 0.7KG
Alarm function
material: plastic
Use environment indoor
Effective distance within 20 meters
Surveillance camera lens 3.6MM
Lens focal length 10 meters
PTZ control
Computer monitoring
Infrared light illumination distance 20 meters

1. mobile phone monitoring
2. 360 degree panorama
3. voice intercom
4. detection alarm
5. 2 seconds speed
6. infrared night vision
7. WiFi connection
8. video playback
9. millions of high definition
10. intelligent processor
11. AP hotspots
12. TF card storage
13. network video recording
14. encrypted ID
15. multi-user viewing

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